OSX 10.6 as a Fusion Client (Not the Server, the Client Version)

First and foremost, there is some confusion as to whether this is allowed (OSX client software as a VM for 10.5/10.6) … so, as such, it’s on you to know if this is OK … I didn’t bother to check into in detail … I just needed to run World of Warcraft 2.4.3 (last Burning Crusade patch) for some testing and OOPS! It’s a PPC program so no go in Yosemite (which makes no sense since 1.12.1 runs fine … wtf Blizzard??) …

Ok, so the nitty gritty … first I am using a retail copy of 10.6, second I have 10.10 installed and fully updated, third I am using VMWare Fusion 7 fully updated …

Get yourself a copy of VirtualBox … it’s free and will let you setup a 10.6 client guest OS. NOTES: 1) Mouse likes to lock up … as in it goes to the top left corner and won’t come down .. haven’t been able to fix this I had to start over, twice LOL… 2) You can only use 1 CPU core and 1GB RAM, anything else and it’s not stable. When building the HD, do it as a VMDK file.

Now that you have a basic OSX 10.6 VM, goto /System/Library/CoreServices and copy the SystemVersion.plist file as ServerVersion.plist. Navigate to your VBox VM folder and grab that VMDK and put it someplace else (shutdown the VM first silly.) Create a new VM in Fusion that is 10.6 Server. When you’re in the setup, be sure to select a hard disk which already exists and you will chose the option to take the disk. You can now change the RAM/Cores also.

Boot the new VM and you should be all good!

SIDENOTE — Just noticed that the updates are showing as server updates … may not be a bad idea if you don’t want these to update your VM in VBox PRIOR to creating the ServerVersion.plist file I mentioned above. Since they are not updating 10.6 anymore, once you are fully up to date you can continue on as listed above and be all good. Since I haven’t done this yet, you should probably be cautious of updates after you have setup in Fusion.

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