How to Get MSE on Windows Servers

Ok, so I have tested this on Windows Server 2012 R2 and it works …

Ever find yourself in a position where you want to put AV on a server but really don’t want to pay for licensing? I recently found myself in that boat of my current solution expired and I was not really feeling like paying $250 to renew (actually, after I did this whole nonsense they gave me a year free, HA!) So, here’s the details on how to do it …

1. Download MSE for Windows 7 x64; right click the file and set the compatibility mode in properties to Windows 7.
2. Open a command prompt AS ADMINISTRATOR!!!
3. Move to the folder you put the file in and type “MSEINSTALL /DISABLEOSLIMIT” (I think MSEINSTALL is the filename, if not just put the file name … the important part is that /DISABLEOSLIMIT thing.)
4. Install away!

Want to remove it? Process is identical EXCEPT you add an additional parameter when running it, “/U” (so MSEINSTALL /DISABLEOSLIMIT /U)

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