About Me

Hola! My name if you couldn’t tell is Justin. I work for a fairly large but local IT service provider where my role is more or less directly related to managing servers remotely; addressing antivirus alerts, monitoring backups, handling hardware alerts, setting up automation, stuff like that. I have been working in the IT field in various positions since the mid/late 90’s. I cut my teeth on MS-DOS 5.0 but was playing with Apple 2E’s and Atari PC’s long before that.

My first real computer was an IBM PS/2 80286 w/a Hercules monochrome monitor and 20MB MFM hard disk. I ripped that thing apart and rebuilt it more times than I could count. Over the years I have become fairly well versed in DOS (or Windows CLI now), Batch, TurboPascal, Basic, PowerShell, Windows 3.1 – current, client and server versions, MacOS 10+, and so on.

This blogs is a compilation of issues I have run into and how I fixed them. I put it out there not only for my own reference but also anyone else who may have the same problem. I resort to Google when I am lost and so many before me have put their knowledge out there, it seems only fitting I do the same.